About Me

After two years attending Northern Arizona University gearing up to receive my Bachelor of Arts in English, I have finally been given the opportunity to pursue my dreams and travel the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but Europe is a pretty great start. I’ll be right outside the bustling city of London in Guilford, studying and embracing the culture, something I couldn’t look forward to more.

While I have always loved Los Angeles and the comforts of home, I know that this new journey will be an amazing next step for me. I cannot wait to study literature in a place that was home to so many amazing and talented writers. I can only hope to soak up some of the creativity that seems to float around in the European air. While learning all of the terms that I will definitely not be able to screw up without a little social criticism (fanny should probably be eliminated from my vocabulary starting now).

So, I hope that after reading this you will decide to follow this incredible adventure with me as I attempt to become an honorary English girl by the end of my time abroad. It’ll certainly be a story for the ages, and I am so excited to have some virtual travelers that want to come along for the ride!